Arroyo Verde Park Inclusive Play Area

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Project Background

In 2017,  Arroyo Verde Park’s main play structure was destroyed in the Thomas Fire. Rather than rebuild the same structure, the City decided to re-imagine the space and create the first fully inclusive play area in Ventura; a space where children of varying abilities could play together, where grandparents could easily interact with their grandchildren, and where the community could have fun together without barriers.

Families, community members, medical professionals, and playground manufacturers were included in the playground design conversations. Through these conversations, park designers developed an adaptive play space where children of all abilities can play together. For the past year and a half, the City of Ventura, and Ventura Community Partners Foundation have been working together to make this dream a reality.

Thanks to generous donations from community groups, residents, and local businesses, construction on the adaptive play space begins Monday, May 3, 2021. This project has been a true team effort. We cannot wait until Ventura’s first fully inclusive play area opens this Fall 2021!

Project Updates

The City of Ventura will begin construction on its first fully inclusive play area for children of all abilities in May 2020. The 10,750 square foot play area features gathering places, a play structure, swings, hammocks, balance beams, a sensory garden, a motion-inclusive carousel, a sensory wall, embankment climbers, music play areas, and more. The play area is anticipated to open in Fall 2021.

Throughout the construction process, we will provide project updates via social media and on our website.

Parking Lot Closed

During construction, the northern parking lot next to the project site will be closed.

Fundraising & Donors

Thank you to the Ventura Community Partners Foundation (VCPF) and our generous donors for making this dream a reality!

Construction Information

For construction information, visit our Public Works City Improvement Projects webpage.

Project Concept Diagrams

Concept diagram of the Arroyo Verde Park Inclusive Play Area. Opens in new window

Surfacing diagram of the Arroyo Verde Park Inclusive Play Area.

Accessibility diagram of the Arroyo Verde Park Inclusive Play Area. Opens in new window

Overall plan view diagram of Arroyo Verde Park Inclusive Play Area.