Historic Preservation

Historic Resources Context Statement and Survey 

The City of Ventura is currently working on a citywide Historic Resources Context Statement and Survey project!

This process includes two parts:

Part 1: Historic Context Statement
Part 2: Comprehensive Historic Resources Survey

The City is working with Historic Resources Group to complete the project, which aims to identify patterns and trends that shaped the development of Ventura’s built environment, and to identify potentially eligible historic resources from Ventura’s earliest settlement through 1979.

The City’s existing survey information provides a strong foundation for planning, which will be enhanced during this project with updated evaluations. Without a survey update, places that matter to Ventura residents may be lost to demolition or extensive alterations. Information gained from the context statement and survey will give property owners and developers greater certainty about the historic significance of a site so that they can plan accordingly. It will also inform thoughtful decision-making by City officials, property owners, residents, and preservation professionals.

Please visit the project website Historic Ventura for more information and updates!

Previous Surveys

Historic Preservation

General Plan Action Item 9.19 states:

"For any project in a historic district or that would affect any potential historic resource or structure more than 40 years old, require an assessment of eligibility for State and federal register and landmark status and appropriate mitigation to protect the resource."

The purpose of the policy and procedures document (PDF) is to provide clear direction and a standardized format for all historic resource assessments prepared for the City of Ventura and review procedure for demolition applications of potential historic structures.

The Mills Act

The Mills Act is a self-directed, economic incentive program designed to provide private property owners the opportunity to actively participate in the restoration of their properties while receiving property tax relief.

If your property is listed on the city landmark register, you may qualify for property tax relief by pledging to rehabilitate and maintain the historical and architectural character of a property for at least a 10-year period.

Mills Act participants may realize a property tax savings of approximately 50% each year for newly improved or purchased older properties.

Historic resources may include buildings, structures, objects, cultural landscapes, natural features and groupings of resources or areas known as historic districts. Examples of resources that may be included in surveys are residential subdivisions, libraries, trees, religious buildings, courtyard apartments, barns, and gardens.