TOT Online Payment

Make your TOT  payment online - click here: TOT PAYMENT

Need help making your TOT payment?  See the instructions below.

1. Log in using your Account Number (Business License Number) and Security Code.  You will find your Security Code on your annual renewal correspondence, or you contact the Business Tax Office at (805) 658-4715.


2. Scroll down to “Select Action Type” and select “Make a Payment”.


3. You will be prompted to certify that your contact information is correct.  Click to certify the two statements and then select “Continue”.  (If the information is not correct, select “Modify Account Information” under “Select Action Type” before you make your payment.)

4. The outstanding periods due will display.  Select the month or quarter for which you would like to submit the payment by clicking on “Submit."   Note: If more than one period is displayed, you will need to submit one period at a time. In 2022 and earlier, TOT was collected monthly. Starting in 2023, TOT is paid quarterly instead of monthly.


5. After entering the required information, click “Calculate Amount Due”.  


6. After you click “Calculate Amount Due”, the total amount due will appear.  Click on the “Submit Payment” button.

 TOT 6

7. Click on “Select Pay Type” and select either “eCheck” or “Credit Card” and complete the remaining required information.

8. Enter payment information and then click on “Submit Payment” to complete the payment and obtain your receipt.  Print your receipt when shown on the screen.