Salary & Compensation Information

Salary Resolution

A resolution of the Council of the City of Ventura providing for a systematic classification of positions and a standardization of salaries of certain paid officers and employees of the City for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Current Salary Table

City Executive Employee Salaries

  • City Attorney, Greg Diaz: Annual Salary $214,091
  • City Manager, VACANT: Annual Salary $0
  • Assistant City Manager, Dan Paranick: Annual Salary $201,075
  • Community Development Director, Jeff Lambert: Annual Salary $191,386
  • Finance and Technology Director, VACANT: Annual Salary $0
  • Fire Chief, David Endaya: Annual Salary $215,336
  • Human Resources Director, Elizabeth Foushee: Annual Salary $167,457
  • Parks, Recreation and Community Partnerships Director, Nancy O'Connor: Annual Salary $166,934
  • Police Chief, Ken Corney: Annual Salary $237,691
  • Public Works Director, Tully Clifford: Annual Salary $191,386
  • Ventura Water General Manager, Kevin Brown: Annual Salary $191,381

Public Pay Resources

A number or professional organizations and public agencies have worked to improve transparency of public officials' and employees' compensation. Here are links to some of those organizations: