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The City of Ventura voters approved a ballot measure for the taxation of cannabis in the City of Ventura in November of 2020.  City Council approved a Regulatory Ordinance on February 24, 2021, allowing certain types of commercial cannabis businesses to operate in the City of Ventura with a cannabis business permit.  

Cannabis Community Meeting Recap

On July 18, 2022, community members heard from finalists applying for commercial cannabis permits and shared feedback on the proposed applicants and locations.

To watch the meeting, visit the City's YouTube channel:

Note: Due to technical difficulties, audio interferences occur until the 22:52 marker. The video does include closed captioning.

Applicants' PowerPoint Presentations

Due to technical difficulties, these PowerPoint presentations were not available during the community meeting.  They are posted below for review.  Note: The order below only reflects the order in which presentations were conducted at the meeting and does not reflect any current ranking.

Distribution Applicant:

Retail Applicants:

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Commercial Cannabis Business Permit Application Process, Period 1

Tentative Timeline

IMPORTANT NOTE: The timeline provided below includes approximate timeframes and these timeframes are subject to substantial changes. The timeline assumes minimal appeals after each phase.  If numerous appeals are filed after any phase, this would cause significant changes to the timeline.

Phase I: 
Determination of Eligibility
Initial review of applicationsAugust 2021Completed
Phase II: 
Criteria Evaluation and Scoring
Consultant review: Sections A-D of the applicationSeptember - October 2021Completed
Phase III: 
Further Evaluation, 
Interviews, and Scoring
Part 1: Staff selection interviews: Sections E-H of the applicationMarch 2022Completed
Phase III (continued): 
Further Evaluation, Interviews, and Scoring
                                                  Part 2: Public Meeting
Monday, July 18, 2022, 
at 6:00 p.m. in City Hall 
Collection of Public Comment

Through Friday, July 29, 2022
Phase IV: 
City Manager's Final Selection
Final decision pursuant to SBMC Section (a)(5).September 2022
(extended through October)
In Progress

Next steps - City Manager's Final Selection: Extended Through October 2022

The City Manager will receive a report from City staff on the final applicants, including feedback from the public meeting, and will use this information to make a final decision pursuant to SBMC Section 6.420.230 (a)(5).  Applicants may appeal Phase IV of the process.

Contact Us

For questions about the status of the cannabis program, please contact Yesania Anderson, Management Analyst in Community Development at (805) 654-7717 or by email at