Ventura Water Pure

Technologies now exist to treat used water (wastewater effluent from our treatment plant) to purity levels far above that needed to produce drinking water. Several places in California are applying such advanced treatment technologies to wastewater effluent as part of a potable water reuse strategy. These technologies were showcased at our VenturaWaterPure Demonstration Plant.

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The benefits of using purified water are many and include:

  • A locally controlled, reliable supply of high-quality water that is drought resistant
  • Sufficient water supplies to support economic vitality
  • High-quality water to supplement local supplies
  • Reduction of the amount of wastewater discharged to water ways (note: purified water is treated to a much higher standard than would be discharged to local water ways where such high quality water would injure fish and wildlife)
  • Seawater intrusion protection
  • A more diversified water supply
  • A lower cost source of water than imported water
  • A sustainable source of supply
  • Reduced impact to groundwater basins and natural waterways