Environmental Sustainability

  1. Mulch-Giving November, 5 2022

    Mulch-Giving at Westpark

    City of Ventura residents are invited to pick-up free mulch and compost products at our next giveaway event. Read on...
  2. Community Cleanup & Recycling Day

    Community Cleanup & Recycling Event

    The Community Cleanup and Recycling Event is back on October 1, 2022! Read on...
  3. Gardening Classes

    Gardening Classes: July to November 2022

    Learn how to conserve water and use sustainable strategies in your garden. Read on...
  4. Ventura Compost Co-Op

    Join the Ventura Compost Co-Op!

    The Ventura Compost Co-Op diverts landfill waste by creating a space for the community to compost together. Read on...
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General Information

The Ventura community has long maintained a strong environmental ethic. Whether it’s conserving our hills and open space, encouraging smart growth, protecting our picturesque rivers and beaches, or keeping our City safe and clean, Ventura residents value our natural assets and believe that they should be preserved and protected. Not surprisingly, this desire to protect Ventura’s environment is reflected in the policies and practices of the City Council and staff.

In an effort to improve the City’s environmental performance, the City Council passed the “Green Initiative” in 2007. This 10-point action plan was designed to reduce environmental impacts from the City’s municipal operations, including reducing energy and vehicle fuel use; developing a green purchasing policy; educating employees about green practices; and forming a Green Team to help implement these programs. Currently, all 10 points of the action plan have been achieved and the City continues to implement environmentally sustainable practices.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

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