Active Transportation

The City of Ventura has been awarded funds to prepare an innovative, yet practical Active Transportation Plan (ATP), incorporating bicycle and pedestrian mobility, Suggested Routes to School (SRTS), and Complete Streets components, to lead an ambitious path toward increasing mobility options for all City residents, especially our disadvantaged communities. Building on our already engaged active transportation culture, community participation will be the driving force behind this endeavor. The Plan outcomes will feed directly into the City’s General Plan update, memorializing active transportation-driven concepts, goals, objectives, and policies as a blueprint for future generations. This Plan will also integrate people-centered healthy lifestyle choices into our Circulation Element roadway network, revamp street cross-sections, and reassess our Traffic Mitigation Program to adapt to change as the City, and our population changes over time.  

This non-infrastructure project will create an Active Transportation Plan for the incorporation into the Mobility Plan. The 2021 General Plan as part of Circulation Element policies, preparation of a Mobility Plan will be a necessary component to reduce Vehicle Miles Travelled and will also play a part in determining Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction strategies for the Climate Action Plan.  

Components of the plan will include but will not be limited to the following:

  • Mode Share which will review the estimated number of existing bicycle/pedestrian trips currently being made throughout the City and the estimated increase in the number of bicycle/pedestrian trips resulting from the implementation of the plan. 
  • Description and inventory of existing and proposed bicycle/pedestrian facilities throughout the City.
  • Safety analysis of the number and location of collisions, serious injuries, and fatalities suffered by bicyclists and pedestrians and a goal for reductions after implementation of the plan.
  • Community engagement with a series of workshops and an outreach campaign to gain community input on bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Implementation plan and a priority list of projects and programs proposed in the plan including a timeline for implementation.
  • Description of future financial needs for the projects and programs identified in the plan that will include the potential sources of funding.