Expanded Temporary Retail & Restaurant Program

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General Information

On July 13, 2020, the Ventura City Council unanimously approved the extension of the pilot program to allow retail business and restaurants throughout the City of Ventura to expand their business operations onto sidewalks, private parking spaces and some sections of the public right-of-way as part of the city’s expanded temporary retail and restaurant program. The program will provide more space to conduct business using social distancing practices. The extension of the program will run through September 14, 2020, with applications available through August 5, 2020.

Businesses interested in participating in the program are encouraged to review the program requirements and complete and submit an application for expansion onto public or private property.

Permit Applications & Submissions

Public Property Application Submission:

Allyson Desbaillets
Special Events Coordinator
(805) 654-7749

Expanded Temporary Retail & Restaurant Operations Application

Private Property Application Submission:

Cary Glenn
Economic Development Associate
(805) 677-3958

Estelle Bussa
Economic Development Manager
(805) 677-3947

Expanded Temporary Retail Restaurant Operations - Private Property / Directors - Permit Application