2020 Candidate Campaign Disclosure Statements

Campaign Disclosure Statements are reports filed by elected officials, candidates, and committees which are required at various times of the year, as required by the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Important Transparency Note: To ensure the integrity of these documents, each page is scanned and placed online as submitted to the City Clerk. Forms have been redacted; unredacted forms are available in the City Clerk's Office. All original documents are public information and available for review during regular business hours or may be provided at the cost of 10 cents per page; they're available in the City Clerk's Office.

2020 Ceiling Expenditure and Contribution Limits

​ During the Nomination Period, Candidates must complete the Voluntary Ceiling Expenditure Form. For 2020, the amounts are:

​      • Expenditure limit $ 37,000 with a single source contribution limit not-to-exceed $ 350.00
​      • Without the expenditure limits, single source contributions cannot exceed $175.00
​2020 Ceiling Expenditure and Contributions Limits Amounts Approved by City Council on November 4, 2019 for 2020 Election.


is filed when an individual intends to run for office. This form must be filed before solicitation of any campaign funds.

2020 Election will be by Districts

Districts 2, 3 & 7 will have Elections in 2020 for City Councilmembers.   Approved City Council Report on Expenditure Limits for 2020  Only registered voters in the Districts holding elections will be eligible to vote for City Councilmembers from that District. To determine which District you reside in, please use the Interactive District-Based Election Map.

​Select the District Number on the left tab to view forms for individuals listed below:

District 2

Christy Weir
Doug Halter

District 3

Aaron Gaston
Mike Johnson

District 7

Nancy Pedersen