Fire Prevention


he Fire Prevention Division is responsible for developing and implementing programs and policies that prevent or reduce the magnitude of emergency occurrences, such as loss of property and life, personal injury or environmental damage. In addition, the Fire Prevention Division reviews permits, and the proper installation of fire sprinkler, fire alarm, and fire suppression systems.

Fire inspectors conduct inspections during different phases of construction projects to ensure that current codes and standards are followed.

The City Hazardous Materials Specialists provide inspection services for the hazardous materials regulatory programs including underground storage tanks and commercial business use of flammable and combustible liquids and other hazardous materials.

PLEASE NOTE:  Fire Prevention staff are frequently in the field conducting inspections.  It is highly recommended to make an appointment to ensure the appropriate staff member is here to assist you.  

CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION AND PLAN REVIEW/PERMITTING UPDATE: Effective 5/18/20, Fire Prevention Construction Inspections will be reduced to Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Inspections may need to be scheduled 1-2 weeks in advance due to limited Fire Prevention staff availability.  Plan review and permit processing turnaround times are also expected to increase by 1-2 weeks; applicants should plan accordingly.  For inspection requests, please submit requests to or by calling our Fire Inspection Line at 805-339-4333.  For questions on the City’s new digital plan review submittal process, please contact