Payment of Bills and Discontinuation of Residential Water Service Policy

San Buenaventura Municipal Code Section 22.160.030. Senate Bill No. 998: Discontinuation of Residential Water Service and California Government Code Sections 60370 ‐60375.5

This policy outlines the City of San Buenaventura Water Department’s (“City”) actions for the collection of monies due on delinquent water accounts, including notifications, fee assignments and discontinuation of service. The City, as a community water system that supplies water to more than 200 service connections, establishes this policy pursuant to California Government Code Sections 60370 – 60375.5, and California Senate Bill 998 (SB998) effective by law February 1, 2020. Customers may contact Customer Care at (805) 667-6500 to discuss options to prevent service interruptions for non-payment. This policy is available in English and the languages listed in Section 1632 of the California Civil Code.

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