Hazardous Materials Unit

Our Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Unit is part of the Ventura County Regional HazMat Plan and provides 24/7 emergency response services to incidents occurring in our city/county for the safety of our residents and our local environment. We accomplish this by assessing threats, mitigating accidental releases, monitoring clean-up operations, and working with law enforcement agencies and continued training at the local and regional levels.

Our responses also include: radiological, biological, chemical threats, agricultural emergencies, and the decontamination of victims and fire personnel.

Fire Station 6, located at  10797 Darling Road, houses our HazMat Unit and firefighters assigned to Station 6 receive extensive HazMat training. We have 27 firefighters throughout our department who can be called upon to fill this role, each are certified as either HazMat Technicians or HazMat Specialists.

HazMat vehicle
Hazmat team climbs ladder
Station 6 team