After-School Programs

General Information

Our after-school programs are a partnership between the City of Ventura Parks & Recreation Department, Ventura Unified School District.

PEAK (Program Enrichment for After-School Kids) was formed in 2002 to develop and implement an inclusive after-school program for elementary and middle school children. 

ASES (After-School Education & Safety) began in schools in the fall of 2011.

Registration Information

For information about registering for a City of Ventura run After-School Program, please contact your child's school office directly.

If your child’s school is not listed above, please contact the Ventura Unified School District at 805-641-5000 and they will be able to direct you to your child’s school office. 

Our Mission

To provide safe and supervised after-school programs for students that include education, enrichment, and recreation.

Program Goals

  • Keep kids safe 
  • Improve academic achievement 
  • Give students choices and provide opportunities 
  • Provide recreational, cultural, and enrichment activities 
  • Improve social development and self-esteem 
  • Provide leadership and character development opportunities 


  • Provide a safe place on-campus for students 
  • Improve academic performance 
  • Increase school attendance and reduce school drop-outs 
  • Reduce the number of juvenile crimes and victims of crime, within the area, during the after-school time period 
  • Provide a nutritional snack 
  • Provide recreational, cultural, wellness and enrichment activities 
  • Improve social development, self-esteem 
  • Provide leadership and character development opportunities

Program Components

  • Check-In 
  • Nutritional Snack and Supper 
  • Academics: Homework Assistance 
  • Enrichment Activities:
    • Sports – Games/Leagues 
    • Art Programs 
    • Martial Arts 
    • Climbing Wall 
    • Guest Speakers 
    • Field Trips 
    • Swim Lessons 
    • Spelling Bee (2 per year) 
    • Lights on After-School and Special Events

Why Students Join PEAK & ASES 

  • For the variety of exciting enrichment activities 
  • Daily assistance with homework 
  • Opportunities to be with friends and mentors 
  • A daily nutritional snack/supper

Why Parents Support PEAK & ASES 

  • A convenient, safe on-campus program 
  • No cost program 
  • Homework assistance 
  • Daily structured activities 
  • Trained staff