Community Partnership Grant

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Through the Community Partnerships Grant Program (CPGP), funding is provided for project-based grants to support social and environmental service organizations serving the needs of Ventura residents. 

For the 2021 grant cycle, $90,000 in funding will be awarded for project grants. In 2022, the grant program will return to its traditional two-year project cycle.

CPGP Project Area Examples

The Community Partnerships Grant Program is designed to improve the quality of life for citizens of Ventura by supporting creative approaches to community needs and problems. Examples of target project areas for this grant funding include, but are not limited to: 

  • At-Risk Populations 
  • Disability (Developmental or Physical) 
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Health
  • Employment Training 
  • Legal Assistance 
  • Literacy 
  • Mental Health 
  • Neighborhood Cleanup or Improvements 

Grant Timeline

  • Monday March 29, 2021: Applications due by 5 pm (PST)
  • Friday April 2, 2021: Digital upload of supplemental materials due by 12 pm (PST)
  • Friday April 2, 2021: Digital upload of optional video presentation due by 12 pm (PST)
  • April 2021: Grant panel convenes
  • May 2021: Award letters mailed out

How to Submit Your Grant Application

There are 3 easy ways to submit your grant application:

  1. MAIL packet to:
    City of Ventura
    Attn: CPGP Granting Program
    501 Poli Street, Room 226
    Ventura, CA 93001

  2. DELIVER packet in-person during the dates and times noted below to:
    Ventura Avenue Adult Center
    Attn: Steven De Fratus
    550 N Ventura Ave
    Ventura, CA 93001

    Friday, March 26, 2021
    Monday, March 29, 2021 from1-4:30pm

  3. EMAIL packet to:
    Steven De Fratus