Special Event Permits

General Information

The City of Ventura issues permits for individuals, groups, and companies to conduct events within the City of Ventura. Activities such as block parties, free speech events, parades, processions, athletic and sporting events, walk-a-thons, and festivals that impact City streets, sidewalks, parking lots, public property, airways, public buildings, and traffic require a city permit. The special event permitting process is managed by the Parks and Recreation Department and follows the City’s Municipal Code (Division 20, Chapter 20.020)

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Special Event Resource Guide

This document is intended as a resource for special event organizers to assist with the application process. We encourage all applicants to review this resource, from cover to cover, before submitting an application.

Special Event Permit Process

  1. Download and complete the Special Event Permit Application (PDF).
  2. Submit your completed application. There are 3 easy ways to submit your application materials. For details, view Special Event Resource Guide (PDF): Appendix B 
  3. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the City’s Fire, Police, Public Works, Human Resources, and Parks and Recreation Department. Based on the scope of your event, a virtual or in-person meeting with City staff may be required. If any adjustments or changes need to be made to your event so it meets City guidelines and requirements, you will be contacted.
  4. Once approved, you will be contacted to sign your permit. Note: all remaining fees must be paid before your permit is issued.

Important: Before advertising or promoting your event, be sure to receive conditional approval from the City to ensure the date and event location you are requesting is available.