Fire Department History

The Ventura City Fire Department is the oldest fire department in Ventura County and one of the oldest departments in the State of California.  

The Monumental Fire Company was first organized June 8, 1875 with 53 members servicing under Fire Chief B.T. Williams.  The City of Ventura Fire Department was born in 1878 when the Monumental Fire Company turned all of its equipment over to the newly incorporated City.  

In 1915, the City hired its first full-time Fire Chief H.A. Johnson.  Shortly thereafter, the Fire Department began hiring paid firemen and has remained a professional agency ever since.

The history of the Ventura City Fire Department may be seen at the A.J. Comstock Fire "Museum" located behind 185 East Santa Clara Street in Ventura.  On display behind a viewing window, are photographs, memorabilia, and antique fire equipment.