Fire Operations

Ventura City Fire

The Operations Division is comprised of six fire stations and strives to maintain an average response time of five minutes to emergencies within the City.

The standard emergency response unit within the Fire Department is the Paramedic Engine Company.  This company consists of a Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter/Paramedic.  The Captain supervises and directs all emergency operations.  The Engineer is responsible for the safe operation of the apparatus and all equipment on board.  The Firefighter/Paramedic completes firefighting tasks as directed by the Captain and provides advanced life support measures.

The Paramedic Truck Company is a specialized emergency response unit.  The truck company performs specific operations including forcible entry and the use of rescue extrication tools, such as the "Jaws of Life", to help free trapped vehicle accident victims.  The Captain, Engineer and two Firefighter/Paramedics are also trained to operate in confined spaces and in high angle situations such as a cliff side rescue.  The Paramedic Truck Company also provides to the engine companies at fires and can utilize the aerial ladder to perform victim rescues or apply additional water.

Firefighting is a challenging job.  Emergency calls may consists of brush fires, structure fires, automobile accidents, and life-threatening medical emergencies.  In addition, firefighting is physically demanding.  Firefighters are often required to carry various types of equipment in addition to approximately 50 pounds of personal protective gear.

Ventura City Firefighters are assigned to a station while on duty and work 24-hour shifts.  The Firefighters work diligently at maintaining their operational skills through constant training when not responding to emergencies.  They are responsible for the routine mechanical maintenance of all department vehicles as well as the upkeep of the fire stations and surrounding grounds.

Emergency Medical Services
The Venture City Fire Department continues to lead the way in proactive advancements in EMS.  Ventura City Fire is the only fire department in Ventura County to require a paramedic on every engine.  Since 1996, the Department has been committed to providing paramedic level patient care.  Our paramedics and EMTs undergo rigorous training and must maintain continuing education hours annually.

Ocean Rescue
The department maintains a Water Rescue Team and a cadre of rescue swimmers.  Team members receive specialized training in ocean and open water rescue.  A cooperative training agreement exists between the California State Lifeguards, Ventura Harbor Patrol, and other local fire agencies.

US&R (Urban Search & Rescue)
US&R personnel are trained for responses to confined space, trench, and high angle rope rescues.  Team members are also trained to operate inside of collapsed building and are part of a Regional Task Force prepared to respond to large scale disasters.

Hazmat (Hazardous Materials Unit)
The Hazmat Unit is part of the Ventura County Regional Hazmat Plan.  Team members assigned to Station 6 receive extensive Hazmat training and are certified as Technicians or Specialists.  Hazmat 6 is one of four Level A Hazmat Teams in the County and responds to regional emergencies.