Strategic Plan 2019-2022

A Message from the Chief

The best path to ensure future success is to prepare for it today. The Ventura Police Department 2019-2022 Strategic Plan will help us do just that. While the plan does not represent all we will do in our journey towards success, it does provide the framework that will guide us to meet the anticipated challenges for tomorrow.

While the fundamental goals of what we strive to accomplish remain constant; Crime Control, Efficiency and Accountability, Safe Neighborhoods, Active Partnerships, Team Development; our strategies and actions evolve to meet the challenges of our dynamic and ever changing environment. We also anticipate that changes in technologies and resources will accelerate our efforts.

We appreciate the input provided by nearly 200 community members who attended a series of community meetings in early 2019. As part of this plan, we will expand upon these meetings throughout the next few years to make sure we are meeting our goals and community expectations. Ultimately, the real work of this plan will involve the dedicated efforts of the Ventura Police Crime Fighting Team composed of more than 200 sworn officers, professional staff and volunteers. I am exceptionally proud of the work they do each day and I believe the future holds great promises for the continued success of the community they bravely and selflessly serve.

Darin Schindler, Police Chief

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