Fire Stations

The City of Ventura has six fire stations, each with an engine company. Ventura City Fire is the first agency in Ventura County to require a paramedic on every engine; Fire Station 5 houses a paramedic truck company. Our department strives to reach emergencies within five minutes of dispatch.


Station 1

717 N. Ventura Ave
Ventura, 93001

Station 2

41 S. Seaward Ave
Ventura, 93001

Station 3

5838 Telegraph Rd
Ventura, 93003

Station 4

8303 Telephone Road
Ventura, 93004

Station 5

4225 E. Main St
Ventura, 93003

Station 6

10797 Darling Rd
Ventura, 93004

If you need to reach a specific fire station within the City of Ventura, please dial (805) 339-4393.

Fire Headquarters

(including Fire Prevention Division)

1425 Dowell Drive
Ventura 93003