Elementary Schools

K-12 School Ratings - Ventura has 32 K-12 schools to choose from — 11 of them are ranked 8, 9 or 10 — and an award-winning magnet school program.

There are 17 traditional, public neighborhood schools, including the following schools with magnet programs that encourage students to focus on their passions or language-centered schools that will prepare students for the global economy.

  • ATLAS (Academy of Technology & Leadership at Saticoy)
  • EP Foster (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Academy)
  • Montalvo (Arts Academy) + 90/10 Dual Language Immersion Program in Spanish
  • Mound (Science & Global Citizenship Magnet)
  • Sheridan Way (International Language Study Academy) - Mandarin enrichment
  • Will Rogers Schoolwide 50/50 Dual Language Immersion Program

K-8 Options

High Schools

Cross-town rivals, Buena High School and Ventura High School, are traditional mid-size high schools offering students the opportunity to enroll in Honors and AP Classes, a wide variety of electives such as music or journalism, an extensive athletics program allowing students to compete in a wide variety of sports, and a multitude of clubs and organizations to round out the extracurricular activities that students can engage in.

Foothill Technology High School - voted in the top 100 of America's Top high Schools by Newsweek Magazine, Foothill is a small, magnet public school, with a focus on technology, medical services, and communications.

El Camino High School is a small, independent study, competency-based high school that offers students the opportunity to work independently on assigned courses while working closely with a mentor teacher.  Students are also required to enroll concurrently at Ventura Community College for enrichment, career exploration, and advanced study.

Pacific High School is a small but exemplary continuation high school that serves students who have not succeeded in the traditional high school setting offering a structured yet flexible setting and the individual attention they wouldn’t otherwise get in a larger school.

Charter Schools

Ventura is also home to two charter schools – offering parents even more tuition-free choices.

  • Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education is a K-8 progressive school offering an innovative, interdisciplinary project –based curriculum with a student-centered approach that also addresses the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of the students.  By involving parents in their child’s education and utilizing multi-aged classrooms, students receive individualized lessons tailored to their needs.
  • Golden Valley Charter School is a K-12 non-classroom based program serving four counties that focuses on individualized learning with parents serving as the day-to-day instructor under the guidance of a fully-credentialed teacher.

Private Schools

In addition to all of the public school choices, Ventura offers a great selection of private schools as well.