Temporary Water Meter

The following documents must be submitted in person to obtain a Temporary Meter:

  1. Complete Temporary Meter on Hydrant Agreement form found here.  
  2. A copy of your current business license, issued by the City of Ventura 
  3. A copy of your construction permit or grading permit, issued by the City of Ventura 
  4. A map with hydrant location or a photo of the street hydrant

Please email the application and supporting documents to enavarro@cityofventura.ca.gov.   Upon approval the following will be required:

  1. A check in the amount of $567 payable to the City of Ventura 
  2. In order to set up a Temporary Meter on Hydrant account, the company or requestor name on the check must be the same name on the Temporary Meter on Hydrant Agreement form
  • Current Temporary Meter deposit is $300 (and the setting fee is $267 which is non-refundable)
  • Current daily Temporary Meter rental fee is $2 (plus prevailing water rate of $4.17 per 100 cubic feet of water used)
  • Current Temporary Meter relocation fee is $89 
  • If meter is lost, stolen, or damaged, the company or requester will be billed $1,018.00 for the current cost of a new Temporary Meter
  • Once forms are completed and payment received, please allow up to 48 hours for meter to be set

Contact Ventura Water at 805-652-4500 with any questions.

Last edited: March 31, 2020