Family Reconnection Program

The Family Reconnection Program facilitated by Downtown Ventura Partners provides free transportation to eligible, needy individuals who, end up in vulnerable situations on the streets of Ventura and are seeking a way to reconnect with family members or get connected to support groups.

The program works to place the client in an environment best suited for his or her personal success. All clients work directly with a Pathways to Home case worker to ensure that someone is waiting when s/he arrives to their destination.

Since inception in 2012, the program has assisted over 183 individuals.

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Salvation Army Safe Sleep

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that began its work in 1882 and has grown to become the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country. Locally, the Salvation Army offers practical assistance for children and families, often tending to basic necessities of life, providing shelter for homeless people, and assisting with homeless individuals' healing from medical procedures at their Recuperative Care shelter. 

The Salvation Army also manages the Safe Sleep Program, which allows individuals to sleep in their vehicles in a safe space while receiving case management and supportive services.

The Salvation Army works to address the dehumanizing scourge of poverty and injustice and to educate the public about what it means to live in poverty- and what they can do to help.

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The Reduce Barrier Fund was created from a distinct need to assist individuals to get the immediate help they need with addiction services, room and board, or other supportive services. There is often a small window when a person is ready for help, and if their insurance isn't set up or if they don't have the resources for a down payment for treatment, that opportunity is frequently lost. By reducing the barriers, we can quickly get the individual into the right program for their best chance at success.

The fund is held at the River Community Church and is managed by the Community Intervention Court group, ensuring that those who are linked to care have a team of support.

To donate to the Reduce Barrier Fund, click here! Please be sure to designate your donation to the RBF.

Turning Point Foundation

The Turning Point Foundation is a local non-profit committed to building a healthier community by offering compassionate and proactive treatment for adults struggling with mental illness, many of whom are homeless and/or are veterans.

They've operated community-based mental health programs in Ventura County for over 30 years. Their programs focus on addressing the full range of personal needs, including the Our Place Safe Haven homeless shelter to meet necessary physical and safety requirements; River Haven supportive housing to provide decent, affordable housing; and rehabilitation and socialization center to provide meaningful, productive activities, companionship and a sense of purpose.

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Project Understanding

Project Understanding guides and supports clients in the process of getting back on their feet, monitors progress, and provides a system of accountability. They strive to prevent homelessness for clients and move homeless clients out of homelessness as soon as possible. Project Understanding is structured to help people in need make it through tough times by assisting with Food, Housing, and Tutoring. Empowering individuals to be self-sufficient can be achieved with focus, work, and understanding. You can find their outreach worker Hank out on the streets interfacing with individuals in need.

Project Understanding has been serving Ventura County for over 40 years and most of the people they serve are helped by volunteers!

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Mercy House, in collaboration with the City and County of Ventura, are excited to open The ARCH, the new 55 bed shelter in the City of Ventura. The shelter is making a huge impact in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Ventura. That being said, we need your help!

We are seeking donations for a variety of needs that the shelter has, including hygiene, bedding, bath towels, food, clothing, and more!. You can either reach out to to find out what is needed and how you can drop items off. Or you can donate a one-time gift on this page to help Mercy House purchase them. Mercy House is a 501c3.

To see a full list of needed donations and volunteer opportunities, click here! There is also an Amazon Wishlist!


The Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund (VHPF) is supported by the Ventura Social Services Task Force, Inc. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the City of Ventura. 

The purpose of the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund is to provide financial assistance for families and individuals on the verge of becoming homeless due to a one-time but consequential event such as temporary job loss, accident, or illness. 

Ventura residents are eligible for VHPF assistance.

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The City Center

The Ventura City Center is a unique and local program that helps Ventura's homeless. 

The City Center is a converted motel which provides a Transitional Living Center for the homeless or at-risk families with children, focusing on a complete transition, providing for the needs of the heart, soul, and mind of its residents. The effort is supported by more than 20 local churches.

Join The River Community to engage in changing lives. Make a difference with volunteers, local businesses, churches, partners and donors and see life - changing transformations one miracle at a time.

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