Safe and Clean Team Title

Four full-time team members proactively address visible blight associated with homelessness behaviors, as well as general debris removal from public spaces throughout the City.

Each day they travel a specified route and respond to debris hotline work orders. If you see debris in public spaces, please call 805-677-3900 and the team will be notified.

In addition to removing debris, abandoned camps are cleaned-up in coordination with other agencies such as the Patrol Task Force, Public Works, State Parks, and Cal Trans.

Patrol Task Force Title

The Patrol Task Force is engaged in what’s called restorative policing, or street outreach. This means that officers are working with chronic vagrancy offenders and displaced individuals by uniting them with family or friends if desired or helping to get them the appropriate medical attention they need to get off the streets.

The team is made up of a Sergeant, two Corporals, and four Officers. Embedded with the unit is a County Mental Health Technician who assists in evaluating individuals and connecting them to resources for long term solutions.

CIC Title

This collaborative, innovative effort between VPD, City Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, local hospitals, County Services, Behavioral Health, State parks, City staff, Downtown Ventura Partners, the Salvation Army, Turning Point Foundation and Project Understanding meet weekly to discuss our most chronic homeless individuals.

This program provides defendants charged with repeated vagrancy-related crimes the opportunity to participate in appropriate treatment and social service programs aimed at assisting them with reintegration into society. It is open to homeless people arrested for municipal code violations in the City of Ventura.

Defendants participate in an intensive, closely supervised case management program, which substitutes counseling, treatment and participation in social service programs for the traditional fines, fees and jail time. Defendants are ineligible to participate if their offense included any crime of violence, the sale of drugs, or carries a mandatory jail sentence.

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