Compost and Organic Waste

So what do you do when you’ve done all you can to Save the Food? Don’t toss it, compost it! 

Composting is nature’s own recycling mechanism by taking organic discards and converting them back into valuable nutrients for the soil. Scraps from your kitchen can be turned into a rich, healthy soil amendment and used in your garden. Yard waste like grass clippings, tree trimmings and other organic items from your yard can be placed in the brown yard waste bin. It is hauled to Agromin’s facility where it is processed into a high-quality mulch used on local agricultural fields.

The City sponsors a compost and vermicompost bin discount program in partnership with Green Thumb Nursery where you can purchase either a worm bin or a compost bin at 50% the retail price. Just show proof of City residence and bring along your coupon below. 

Composting-Vermicomposting-Guide-graphicsidebysideFree mulch is also available on a first come basis at Cornucopia Gardens, located just off Telephone Road, across from Kimball Community Park. Using mulch and organic compost are great ways to reduce waste, conserve water, reduce need for application of pesticides or fertilizers and help with pest management. Keep your eyes peeled for our bi-annual composting workshop and mulch-giving events.

Compost and Worm Bin Coupon Below!