List of STVRs and Nuisance Response Plans

List of Short-Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs)

The list of STVRs below is a listing of only registered STVRs in the City of Ventura. Any non-registered STVRs should be reported to the City of Ventura via the STVR Hotline or by filing a Violation Report.

STVR Complaints

Complaints about STVRs in the City of Ventura may be addressed in any of the following ways:

  1. Nuisance Response Plans - Use the Nuisance Response Plans below to contact the Person Responsible for Responding to Complaints.  Find the address on the list of STVRs and click the link to find the associated Nuisance Response Plan.  The complaint is to be addressed within 45 minutes of receipt.
  2. Violation Report - File a Violation Report with the City of Ventura by clicking here.  This option is best for less urgent requests and will be addressed during working hours.

STVR Owners

STVR Owners should file a Nuisance Response Plan with the City of Ventura at the same time as filing an application for an STVR permit.  If you are applying for an STVR permit or need to make changes to your Nuisance Response Plan, use this form: Nuisance Response Plan Form

Nuisance Response Plans