Short-Term Vacation Rentals

A short-term vacation rental (STVR) is a "dwelling unit" other than a dwelling unit located in a "hotel", that is rented to a tenant for a period of not more than 30 consecutive days.  An STVR in the City of Ventura is required to: 1) have an active STVR Permit, 2) have an active City of Ventura business license, and 3) collect and remit Transient Occupancy Tax at 10% of the rents received (on stays of less than 30 days per tenant).

It is important for owners to be familiar with and adhere to the Performance Standards for operating an STVR. Owners are also responsible to ensure their renters and their guests comply with these Performance Standards.  You may read a full copy of the Short-Term Vacation Rentals ordinance here: San Buenaventura Municipal Code - 6.455

Temporary Restrictions for Short-Term Vacation Rentals due to COVID-19

On April 27, 2020, the City Council approved an emergency ordinance no. 2020-016 requiring all lodging facilities to ensure that those staying in their properties know about and comply with the various state and local COVID-19 directives including, but not limited to, the Ventura County Public Health Director’s “Stay Well at Home” orders (SBMC Chapter 6.457). 

This means that owners/managers must:

  • Provide written notice to any adult guest staying in their properties that the state and local COVID-19 directives may limit who can use, or stay together in, the facility and what activities they may engage in while in the City.
  • Require each guest that receives this notice to sign a logbook indicating that they have received the notice.
  • Ensure that their guests comply with these directives. One way an owner may comply with this requirement is to have each adult guest sign the STVR Lodging Acknowledgment form.  The form must be posted in a street-facing window for the duration of the stay.
  • Only allow guests to use, or stay in, their rentals if they are:
    • Managing their own direct exposure to COVID-19.
    • Quarantining due to a possible exposure to COVID-19.
    • Taking precautionary steps to avoid the possible exposure of household members to COVID-19 (for example, first-responders, health care workers, or others providing essential services).
    • Recovering from a diagnosis of COVID-19.
    • Providing care for a family member that is staying in the rental for one of the reasons above (only one caregiver may stay in the rental).
    • Relocating to the City.
    • Staying in the rental because their permanent City residence is being repaired, remodeled, or reconstructed.
    • Providing care for another individual in the City that is not staying in the rental.

Upon request to the Permit Administrator (Yesania Anderson – (805) 654-7717,, the City may permit other guests to use or stay in a rental for purposes similar to those above.

  • Include the following statement in any advertising and internet listing for the rental: “This rental is subject to temporary occupancy limitations. For more information, please visit”

How to Report a Short-Term Vacation Rental Violation

There are 3 ways to report an STVR violation:

1) Call the STVR Hotline: (805) 307-5092

This hotline is available 24-hours, including weekends.  When you call the STVR hotline, you will reach a hotline operator who will log the complaint and the operator will contact the person responsible for responding to nuisance complaints for the particular STVR.  The hotline operator will also provide you an incident ID number so that you may track the complaint for future reference.  

  • To view or update an existing incident with an Incident ID click on View Incident.

2) Nuisance Response Plan

Directly contact the person designated by the property owner as responsible for resolving STVR complaints within 45 minutes.  This is often the owner or a manager and is available by phone 24-hours a day to respond to nuisance complaints caused by their tenants.  You may search the Nuisance Response Plan for an STVR by property address.  

If you would like to create a record of the violation with the City you should file a Violation Report (see below).  Please file a report close to the occurrence of the incident.  For after-hours violations, the following day is sufficient.

3) File a Violation Report

File a Violation Report with the City.  Please answer as many fields as possible as this assists the City with any followup.  Include any relevant pictures or documents by using the upload feature.  Please note, any report filed when City offices are closed will not be responded to until the City offices are once again open.  If your concern is urgent and requires a more immediate response, please use one of the other methods listed above.

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