Renewal Instructions


Businesses located or operating in the City of San Buenaventura are required to renew their business license annually.  Even if you do not owe any tax, you must submit a completed business license renewal electronically, or by mail, BEFORE July 1st every year.

Business licenses can be renewed online unless any of the following apply to your business; then you must renew by mail or in-person at the Business Tax Office.

These businesses must renew by mail or in-person
Massage establishments and practitioners - in-person only    Special event or swap meet vendors
Ancillary massage service businesses - in-person only    Solicitors and itinerate merchants
Limited income businesses   Transportation
Disabled veteran businesses    Adult performers / non-performers
Non-profits    Hotels or Short-term vacation rentals with a TOT permit
Retail businesses that claim an apportionment    Utility franchises


Verify the information provided on the online renewal.  If any of the information is incorrect or outdated, please make the necessary changes online.  Please note that not all changes can be accepted via the online system and may require additional steps to complete the update.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Click here for online renewal instructions.

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