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SIC Codes and Industrial General Permit (IGP) Requirements - Steps 1-4

On October 2, 2019, the State of California passed Senate Bill 205, effective January 1, 2020, requiring certain regulated businesses to demonstrate enrollment with Stormwater Industrial General Permits (IGP) BEFORE cities may issue, or renew, a local business license.

What should a business do to comply with these requirements?

  1. Determine the primary Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code(s) for your business using SIC Search or NAICS/SIC crosswalk if you know your NAICS.

  2. Determine whether the SIC code is one required to enroll in the State IGP program at IGP-regulated codes.

  3. If the SIC code is a regulated code, enroll the business under the State’s IGP SMART tracking system and then continue to #4.
    If the SIC code for your business IS NOT a regulated code, continue with your renewal form and skip #4.  

  4. Provide one of the following to the City of Ventura with your business license renewal: WDID application # and WDID, or NONA, or NEC.

What if I have more questions about the State Stormwater Program?

Ventura County Contact: Andrew Veloz, Water Resource Control Engineer
                                        Phone: (213) 620-2243

Review the State’s Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The City of Ventua does not administer or enforce the IGP.

 Tobacco Retailer License Required

On January 13, 2020, City Council passed an ordinance no. 2020-002, titled “Tobacco Retailer License”, making it a requirement for all Tobacco Retailers in the City to obtain a City-issued Tobacco Retailer License.  This license is in addition to a City of Ventura business license and state cigarette and tobacco license.

Note: You must have Planning and Zoning Approval, (805) 654-7869, prior to submitting Tobacco Retailer License Application. 

For a copy of the Tobacco Retailer License application, click here.

To review the Tobacco Retailer License ordinance, click here.

Cannabis Delivery Services Permit Application

Effective January 1, 2020, the delivery only of cannabis is allowed within the City of San Buenaventura with the issuance of a Cannabis Delivery Services Permit.   Any dispensary applying for this permit must be located outside the City.  To engage in any commercial cannabis delivery activity within the City, the following must be provided to the City Business Tax Office:

Click here for a full copy of the Cannabis Delivery Services Ordinance

Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

Any business that sells industrial hemp products containing no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is required to come to the Business Tax Office to sign an affidavit before opening a business license.  To see a sample of the form click here.  This form must be signed at the Business Tax Office.

Exemptions & More

  1. Apportionment Guidelines
  2. Contractor (State Licensed)
  3. Disabled Veteran Exemption
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  5. Limited Income Exemption
  6. Non-Profit Exemption

Whenever a person engages in business both within and outside the city, the Business Tax shall be fairly apportioned to reflect that portion of business conducted within the city.

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