Renew Your Business License

TO RENEW ONLINE - Click here


To renew online you will need:

  • Account # (business license #) and Security Code
  • Gross receipts for 2020, or previous tax year
  • A form of payment: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX,  Discover, or e-check.  For e-check payment you will need the routing # and bank account #
  • Have a question about your renewal? The best way to reach our office during renewal season is to send an email to Include your Account # (same as Business License #) in the subject line of all correspondence.

If your business is one of the following you will need to upload additional documents with your online renewal:

  • Tier 1 Retail/Wholesale - You do not need additional forms and may renew online UNLESS you choose to file for an apportionment.  If you file an apportionment, you will need to mail in your renewal.  See instructions below for mail-in renewals. 
  • Tier 2 Massage Professionals - 1. Copy of CAMTC certificate; 2. CAMTC picture ID; and 3. Valid picture ID with current address (driver license).   Click here for Massage Professionals Instructions
  • Tier 4 Non Profit - 1. Articles of Incorporation, if changed in the last 5 years; and 2. Evidence of organization's non profit status (recent tax returns or federal or state tax exempt status letter).
  • Tier 4 Disabled Veteran - 1. Honorable discharge paperwork; 2. Certification of medical or physical inability to obtain a livelihood by manual labor; 3. Voter registration from State of CA; and 4. A detailed description of proposed business activity.
  • Tier 4 Limited Income - 1. Copy of previous year's tax return showing income (gross, not net) of $2,400, or less.

What else can I do online?

If your business is eligible to renew online you may also do all of the following by signing into the e-file portal above.

  • Make Account Corrections/Modifications - You can make corrections to your account and contact information PRIOR to completing your renewal so that changes will be reflected on your business tax certificate. 
  • Cancel Your Business License – You must cancel your business license to avoid penalties and further notices if you are no longer conducting business in the City of Ventura. Submit your business license cancellation online.
  • View Your Renewal Form – You may view a copy of your renewal notice online.

Renew by Mail


What you will need to renew by mail:

  • A completed, signed business license renewal notice.
  • All required attachments that you receive with your renewal notice.
  • Form of Payment - Mail a check, or money order, issued to "City of Ventura" to: City of Ventura, Business Tax Office, 501 Poli St Rm 107, Ventura CA 93001.

The following businesses must renew by mail and may not renew online:

How do I Modify or Cancel if I Renew by Mail?

  • Modifications/Corrections - Make the corrections/modifications on your hard copy renewal form that you will mail in. 
  • Cancel Business License - If you are no longer doing business in the City of Ventura, you must cancel your business license to avoid penalties or further notices. Indicate the date you ceased doing business and reason for closing on your hard copy form, then sign and mail to the Business Tax Office. 
  • OR send an email to – Title the email "Closing Business License" and include your Account # in the subject line. Be sure to include the date you ceased doing business and reason for closing in the body of your email.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

Any business that sells industrial hemp products containing no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is required to come to the Business Tax Office to sign an affidavit before opening a business license.  To see a sample of the form click here

Note: This form must be signed at the Business Tax Office.