Renew Your Business License

Renew Online by logging into your e-file portal

Note: Additional documents may be requested online. Click on the "Renew Online" tab under "Renewal Instructions" below before logging into your portal to ensure you are prepared.

Massage Establishment Owners please click here for instructions

Renewal Instructions

Renew Online by logging into your e-file portal

Note: Additional documents may be requested online. Read the instructions below before logging into your portal to ensure you are prepared. For step-by-step instructions with images, click here: How to Renew Online Guide

To renew online you will need:

  • Account # (business license #) and Security Code
  • Gross receipts for 2022, or previous tax year
  • A form of payment: Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, or e-check. For e-check payment you will need the routing # and bank account #
  • Have a question about your renewal? The best way to reach our office during renewal season is to send an email to the Business License Office. Include your Account # (same as Business License #) in the subject line of all correspondence.

If your business is one of the following, you will need to upload additional documents with your online renewal: 

  • Tier 2 Property Rental - You will need to upload:
    • A copy of your most recent tax form Schedule E or form 8825 showing the rents received for this property or properties. If you have not yet filed your tax return, you may provide a copy of an internal accounting document showing total revenue received for the property/properties, for example a Profit & Loss Statement. If you do not have it at hand while renewing, please mark the box to "submit by mail."
  • Tier 2 Massage Professionals - Click here for full Massage Professionals Instructions. You will need to upload:
    • Copy of your CAMTC certificate, CAMTC picture I.D., and valid I.D. with current address (driver license);
    • Verification of your current address (i.e. copy of a utility bill, etc.);
    • A copy of your previous year's tax return.
  • Tier 2 Limited Exemption Massage - A business with ancillary massage services is Limited Exempt. Click here for full Limited Exemption Massage Instructions and Employee List.  You will need to upload: 
    • A completed list of all massage professionals working at the establishment (employee list).
  • Tier 4 Non Profit - You will need to upload: 
    • Articles of Incorporation, if changed in the last 5 years; 
    • Evidence of organization's non profit status (recent tax returns or federal or state tax exempt status letter).
  • Tier 4 - Limited Income - You will need to upload: 
    • Copy of previous year's tax return showing income (gross, not net) of $2,400, or less.

What else can I do online?

If your business is eligible to renew online, then you may also do all of the following by signing into the e-file portal above.

  • Make Account Corrections/Modifications - You can make corrections to your account and contact information PRIOR to completing your renewal so that changes will be reflected on your business tax certificate.  
  • Cancel Your Business License – You must cancel your business license to avoid penalties and further notices if you are no longer conducting business in the City of Ventura. Submit your business license cancellation online. 
  • View Your Renewal Form – You may view a copy of your renewal notice online. 
  • Print a Temporary License - You may view and print a temporary license online 2 business days after you have renewed your license.
  • Pay Your Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)  - You may submit your Hotel TOT and STVR TOT online.

Business Licenses can be renewed online unless your business type is listed below:

These businesses can NOT renew online:
Tier 1 - Retail/Wholesale who is claiming an ApportionmentTier 2 - Adult Performers
Tier 2 - Cannabis Delivery ServiceTier 2 - Rental Mobile Home
Tier 3 - Itinerate Merchants

If your business type is not on this list, then you may renew online.

Renewal Deadline

All businesses tax certificates (business licenses) expire on June 30 of each year. All business licenses must be renewed before July 1 of each year. It is the business owner's responsibility to renew the business license each year, even if a renewal notice was not received. Full copy of the Business License Tax ordinance.

Why did I receive a renewal notice after I renewed my license?

Business License renewal notices were generated on May 18, 2022; therefore, you will still receive a renewal notice if your license was renewed on or after this date.

Did I already renew my license? How do I check the status of my Business License?

Click Here to Check your License Status Note: Your business license status will update within 1-2 business days after renewing online. Renewal notices submitted by mail may take 3-6 weeks to process and update; however, we will mark your renewal as received on the date it was postmarked by the post office.

Business Support Center

The City of Ventura has retained the HdL Companies, based in Fresno, to assist businesses and property owners in becoming compliant with the City’s Municipal Code.

If you received a letter from HdL Companies (the Business Support Center), then you must contact them by phone at (805) 319-4096 or by email at [email protected] to resolve the matter.

Note: If you are submitting the application, you must submit the application that was attached with the letter. You may not use the application found on this website.

Additional Renewal Information

Master Fee Schedule 

The City of Ventura Master Fee Schedule is subject to change annually. To view the most current fees related to business license, click on the link below with the context "Business License Related Fees". To view a complete listing of the Master Fee Schedule, click on the link below with the context "Complete Listing".

Master Fee Schedule - Business License Related Fees - Effective July 10, 2023

Master Fee Schedule - Complete Listing - Effective July 10, 2023