Business-Related Programs

Obtain a Business License

Prior to commencing business within the City of Ventura, every person or entity engaging in business, regardless of whether the business is subject to taxation or not, must apply, pay all applicable taxes, fees, assessments and obtain the appropriate approvals in order to procure a business license and any other regulatory permits. Upon City approval of the business license application and applicable regulatory permits, the Business License unit will issue a business license certificate.

Short-Term Vacation Rentals 

Owners of residential dwellings located within the City of Ventura who rent their property for 30 days or less are required to apply for and obtain a Short-Term Vacation Rental permit.  To learn more about Short-Term Vacation Rentals

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The Ventura City Council passed an ordinance to update the regulation procedures for the licensing and operational standards of sexually oriented businesses and the permitting provisions for its performers and non-performers. It is the purpose and intent of the City to require certain background checks and licenses for performers and non-performers in order to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the city.

License Documents