About Us

Economic Development Division

Ventura's Economic Development Division is housed within the City Manager's Department. Economic Development staff work in partnership with the business community to support the creation of revenues from which community benefits are realized. 

Economic Development staff interfaces with businesses, community leaders, non-profits and other government agencies to enhance Ventura’s economic development activities. The Economic Development Division is responsible for providing resources that help businesses plan, make possible, open shop and thrive in the City of Ventura.

These resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing resources that help start, retain, or grow your business in Ventura
  • Help businesses navigate the public agency process through our Ombudsmen efforts
  • Provide research, market analysis, and industry/community-related data and statistics to support business activities
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Economic Development Subcommittee

Our elected officials recognize the importance and value of economic development and prosperity in our city which is why it remains one of the City Council’s top priorities. The Economic Development Subcommittee is a dedicated group of three council members who are responsible for guiding the implementation of the Economic Development Strategy and making recommendations to the entire Council on matters relating to economic development.  

The Subcommittee meets at 3:00 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise noted. The Subcommittee is dark in August & December. Subcommittee members include:

  • Jim Duran, Chair
  • Janette Sanchez-Palacios, Vice Chair
  • Bill McReynolds, Committee Member

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