Commercial Organics Recycling

New Recycling Requirements for Businesses

Beginning April 1, 2016, Assembly Bill (AB) 1826 California’s Commercial Organics Recycling Law went into effect requiring commercial businesses, multifamily dwellings (with 5+ units), schools, hospitals, restaurants, government buildings, and other establishments to begin separating and recycling organic waste, which includes food waste, landscape waste, non-hazardous wood waste, food-soiled paper waste (napkins, tissues, paper plates and cups, fast food wrappers, used pizza boxes), wax-coated cardboard, and other similar paper or compostable packaging (no paper products with a plastic coating).

In California, 30% of the 30 million tons of waste sent to landfills each year is comprised of organic waste. AB 1826 will require businesses and multifamily dwellings to separate that material for composting, instead of sending it to landfills.


Based on current level of service and the type of waste a business generates, E.J. Harrison and the City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability Division are working together to determine those businesses, multifamily dwellings, and other establishments that meet the criteria for compliance. Once those determinations are made, Tier 1 business and property owners can expect to receive notification from the City of Ventura in Spring 2016.

Currently in Ventura, E.J. Harrison provides food waste collection to 38 businesses, which under AB 1826, are in compliance. Multifamily dwellings that currently subscribe to yard waste collection are also in compliance. All businesses (including multi-family residential dwellings of five or more units) that generate 8 cubic yards per week of green waste (landscape and pruning waste) are required to recycle their green waste by either:

  1. Arranging for the composting of landscape waste at a permitted facility through a contracted landscape maintenance contractor 
  2. Composting landscape waste on site (verification required)
  3. Signing up for E.J. Harrison and Sons commercial organics recycling services


FREE Business Waste Assessments are available in the City of Ventura which include:

  • On-site consultation with City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability and E.J. Harrison staff
  • Evaluation of current trash and recycling service
  • Information about organics recycling and service levels
  • Information about food donation (if applicable)
  • Customized training and educational materials for staff
  • Free indoor recycling containers provided by the City of Ventura

To schedule your FREE business waste assessment, visit:

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