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AB 1826 – Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling 

In California, 30% of the 30 million tons of waste sent to landfills each year is comprised of organic waste, which breaks down and generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. AB 1826 requires businesses and multifamily dwellings to separate that material for composting, instead of sending it to landfills.

As of September 2020, all businesses (including multi-family residential dwellings of five or more units) that generate 2 cubic yards per week of solid waste must arrange for recycling of their organic waste. Organic waste is yard waste (landscape and pruning waste), and food waste. Please reference the new Recycling Guidelines for Businesses.

Yard Waste 

Business that must arrange for the recycling of their yard waste by:

  1. Signing up for E. J. Harrison & Sons commercial organics recycling services: (805) 647-1414
  2. Composting landscape waste on site (verification required)
  3. Arranging for the composting of landscape waste at a permitted facility through the contracted landscape maintenance contractor (verification required)

Food Waste

Businesses must arrange for the recycling of their food waste by:

  1. Signing up for E. J. Harrison & Sons food waste collection service: (805) 647-1414
  2. Composting food waste on site (verification required)
  3. Donate edible food through Waste Free Ventura County:

The intent of this legislation is to increase the overall recycling rate in California and reduce the amount of methane gas generated in landfills by removing organic material. Organic material has more environmental and community benefits when it is collected and processed separately from trash.

For guidance on which options are best for your business, contact Arriana Rabago:; (805) 652-4584, or schedule an on-site waste assessment:

Schedule A Free Waste Assessment

  • On-site consultation with City of Ventura Environmental Sustainability and E.J. Harrison staff
  • Evaluation of current trash and recycling service
  • Information about organics recycling and service levels
  • Information about food donation (if applicable)
  • Customized training and educational materials for staff
  • Free indoor recycling containers provided by the City of Ventura

Call (805) 652-4525 to set up your waste assessment.

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