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VenturaWaterPure Project


Ventura Water is Leading an Innovative Approach to Secure Water Supplies for the Future

Situated between two watersheds, the Ventura area has faced and addressed significant and complex water challenges over the last decade--from impacts on water quantity during extreme drought periods, to unprecedented regulatory demands requiring new treatment and discharge solutions, to litigation impacting historical use of local water supply sources. 

The water challenges faced by our community have spanned and impacted the full spectrum of environmental, quality, available supply, treatment, and use. Water management planning and environmental studies to date show that without a new water resource solution, there will be insufficient supplies for the future and limited flexibility to meet coequal water needs.

Ventura Water has identified proactive, economical and innovative solutions with a mission to close the water cycle locally, utilizing innovative water recycling and reducing any loss of water through discharge. The City is advancing the proposed VenturaWaterPure Project which would include an Advanced Water Purification Facility (AWPF) for potable water reuse.

The VenturaWaterPure Project is driven by a number of environmental, regulatory and water supply needs including a Consent Decree between the City of Ventura, Wishtoyo Foundation and its Ventura Coastkeeper Program (Wishtoyo), and Heal the Bay for the protection of the Santa Clara River Estuary (SCRE) and the sensitive species that occupy the estuary.

After many years of special studies, research, stakeholder meetings, and a pilot demonstration facility, the City identified the best way to improve water reliability is to divert the tertiary-treated wastewater from discharge the SCRE to a new AWPF for potable reuse. The highly purified recycled water would be distributed directly through the water distribution system (direct potable reuse) and/or injected into a local groundwater basin before distribution (indirect potable reuse).

The final product of the this state-of-the-art AWPF would be a new, locally owned source of highly purified drinking water that provides Ventura with a long-term drought resilient water supply solution. 

VenturaWaterPure was identified as the superior option to meet multiple objectives for protecting ecological resources, maximizing water reuse, and improving water supply reliability.

Creates a more resilient and reliable water supply:

  •  Reduces water supply risks resulting from climate change and drought impacts

Enhances environmental protection:

  • Protects the beneficial uses of the SCRE and the sensitive species that occupy it, including the southern California steelhead, the tidewater goby, the California least tern, and the western snowy plover
  • Meets new regulatory requirements and litigation obligations

Achieves new levels of water quality protecting local sources:

  • Turns a once unused/discharged water source into a new recycled water asset, protecting the health of our surface water resources including the Santa Clara River Estuary, where current flows are discharged