Water Rates

Rate Chart 2019-2020

Water Shortage Rate Study.

Water Charges

The drinking water portion of your bi-monthly bill is the sum of (1) charges for the volume of water used during the previous two months, (2) a fixed charge based on the size of your water meter, and (3) a fixed charge for a separate meter for fire sprinklers (if applicable).

Water Usage Charge

Rates are set in 4 blocked tiers and billed in units of hundred cubic feet (HCF)*. This variable charge is based on your actual water use as recorded by your water meter. The more water used, the higher the per unit charge. *One HCF = 748 gallons = 15 full bathtubs of

Single Family Residence Pricing
Tier 1 = 0 to 6 HCF (0 to 4,488 gallons)
Tier 2 = 7 to 14 HCF (4488 to 10,472 gallons)
Tier 3 = 15 to 30 HCF(10,472 to 22,440 gallons)
Tier 4 = >30 HCF (22,440 gallons and up)

Wastewater Charges

The wastewater portion of your bi-monthly bill is the sum of (1) a winter average flow charge, (2) a fixed charge, and (3) an Estuary Protection charge.

Winter Average Flow Charge

The volume of water used inside homes and sent down drains is estimated based on water use during winter when outdoor watering is usually not needed. Two billing cycles (four months) are averaged to set the flow charge for the following year, starting each July. 

Estuary Protection Charge

This charge is funding the planning costs for a new program to reuse the water currently cleaned by the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility and released into the Santa Clara River Estuary.

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