Water and Wastewater Rates

New Rates 

On May 17, 2021, at the Public Hearing for Water and Wastewater Rate Adjustments, Ventura City Council unanimously approved five-year water and wastewater rate increases. All bills after July 1, 2022 will reflect the new rates; there will be no proration between the old and new rates.

Over the course of eight public meetings and nearly a year of deliberation, the Water Commission, in partnership with City staff and a third-party financial consultant, underwent an extensive water and wastewater rate study to evaluate the City’s water rate tiers, water shortage rates, wastewater rate structure, and financing options for major projects.

Rate increases will support both daily operation and maintenance of the City’s existing water and wastewater systems, along with approximately 36 planned capital improvement projects, including the long-anticipated State Water Interconnection Project and VenturaWaterPure Program.

Water Tiers

Currently, water rates are set in 3 blocked tiers and billed in units of hundred cubic feet (HCF). One HCF equals 748 gallons or approximately 15 full bathtubs of water. This variable charge is based on your actual water use as recorded by your water meter. The more water used, the higher the per unit charge. 

  • Tier 1 = 0 to 6 HCF (0 to 4,488 gallons)
  • Tier 2 = 7 to 12 HCF (4,488 to 8,976 gallons)
  • Tier 3 = >12 HCF (8,976 gallons and up)


Beginning July 1, 2022 single family residential wastewater charges are to be based on water use each monthly billing period subject to a cap of 12 HCF per month.

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