Erosion Control and Fire-Safe Landscaping

The most effective way to protect your property against flooding is to prepare before it rains.  Preparations can consist of very simple home maintenance but, depending on your circumstances, may involve the construction of permanent drainage systems, walls or other measures to divert water, mud or debris. 

Please read the handouts below for information on how to get ready for rain.

Dos and Don'ts Post Fire Restoration

Hazards from Mudslides Debris Avalanches and Debris Flows in Hillside and Wildfire Areas

Preparing for Winter Following Fire

Protecting Bare/Disturbed Soils and Slopes from Fire-Fighting Effort Following Wildfire

Straw Mulching for Erosion Control Following Wildfire

Straw Wattle Fiber Roll

Temporary Erosion Control Following Wildfire

Top Ten List - What Property Owners Should Consider

Wood Chips Versus Straw Mulch

S.A.F.E. Landscapes

Making Your Property Fire Safe

S.A.F.E. Landscapes in the WUI

The City of Ventura held an Erosion Control and Fire-Safe Landscaping Class on February 7, 2018 to help property owners make informed decisions about erosion and sediment control implementation, as well as fire-safe landscape planning post-Thomas Fire. 

If you missed the class, download the handouts above or watch the video of the class to learn about best management practices and how to manage landscapes impacted by wildfire.