Construction & Demolition Stormwater Best Management Practices

The Ventura County Stormwater Permit issued by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board requires stormwater best management practices (BMPs) be implemented at any construction or demolition activity, clearing, grading, grubbing, or excavation or any other activity that results in a land disturbance. An effective combination of stormwater pollution controls to prevent erosion, sediment loss, and the discharge of wastes to the storm drain system are required to be implemented during all construction and demolition activities. 

Stormwater pollution controls should be considered in both active and inactive (previously disturbed) areas of projects. Property owners/contractors/other parties are responsible for ensuring that all project personnel implement erosion, sediment, wind, waste management and non-stormwater control BMPs and maintain these BMPs throughout the construction schedule. BMPs chosen for use at construction sites should be based upon type and intensity of project, site characteristic and environmental conditions. If a construction or demolition project disturbs one or more acres of soil, it is subject to the State General Construction NPDES Permit and related Local SWPPP (see Ventura County Municipal Stormwater Permit) is required.

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Guidance Documents:

The following guidance documents and fact sheets are for general information only. Please visit CASQA for the most recent standards.

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Concrete Washout

Wind Erosion Control