Property Management


The Public Works Department is responsible for the management of the City’s Real Property Portfolio. The Property Management Division currently manages over 250 public properties in the portfolio and this includes approximately 135 various agreements.


The Property Management Division processes lease and agreement renewals, appraisals, property insurance compliance, database management, accounts receivables, standardizing lease and agreement forms, and lease proposals.

Our department works to ensure that market rates are achieved on agreements to use City property.  We work with various City departments including Finance, City Attorney, Facilities, Planning and Permitting, Parks, Community Development and Traffic on agreements to ensure guidelines and information is thoroughly evaluated.  Agreements are presented to the City Council for formal approval.

An interactive map of properties is coming soon.  Vacant properties for sale or lease will also be added here in the future.

Property Management Portfolio 

  • 9 Leases of City property 
  • 62 License Agreements for private use of public right of way
  • 5 Parking Agreements 
  • 13 Office Agreements for the 505 Poli Building 
  • 6 Cell Tower Agreements 
  • 30 Trash Enclosure Agreements for the downtown area
  • 5 Agreements for Real Property leased to the City
  • 10 Franchise Agreements

Available Properties

No properties available at this time, please check back at a later date.

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