General Plan Refinement

The City of San Buenaventura City Council directed the General Plan Refinement process with the intention to address a range of land use issues that have arisen during the implementation of the 2005 General Plan. The General Plan Refinement consists of city-wide General Plan designation and zoning code modifications relating to the creation of a mixed-use land use designation, commercial land use and zoning classifications restricting residential development, and development standards associated with building height. The General Plan Amendments affects the following Chapters of the 2005 General Plan: Our Well Planned Communities, Housing Element, Our Prosperous Community, Our Natural Community and Our Sustainable Infrastructure. The Zoning Ordinance and Map changes affect primarily commercially zoned properties by placing restrictions on residential development.  The 2017 Draft Housing Element Amendment can be view here: Housing Element.

The General Plan Refinement Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration is available for public review and comment from Feb. 9, 2018 through March 12, 2018 can be reviewed here: Current Environmental Documents Review for Review.

For additional information see related staff City Council reports and minutes below:

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