Local Fire Debris Removal Program

Thomas Fire Debris Removal - Homes that were completely destroyed only

The debris that remains from a structure that was destroyed in the Thomas fire may contain hazardous waste and materials that can threaten public health.  It is therefore very important that this debris be properly inspected and disposed.  

To expedite recovery activities and ensure the safe removal of hazardous waste and fire debris, the county is coordinating with state and federal agencies to remove hazardous waste and fire debris from structures and properties damaged by the wildfire using the state Fire Debris Removal Program. There are two phases to this program:

Phase One: Household Hazardous Waste Removal

Phase Two: Debris Removal and Property Clean-up
Option 1: Cal OES Fire Damage Debris Clearance Program (State Program)

During Phase Two, teams from the State (Cal Recycle) will remove the remaining debris (including building foundations) from properties with destroyed residential structures. A summary of eligibility requirements for properties that may qualify for the State Program can be found on the VenturaCountyRecovers.org website.  You will need to provide Right-of-Entry (ROE) Permit and insurance information before the work can be done.  The application period for ROE forms ended on January 22, however the County Environmental Health Division will continue to accept applications and will review them on a case-by-case basis to determine whether they will be included in the CalRecycle debris removal program. 

Option 2: Local Fire Debris Removal Program (Local Program) for city of Ventura residents

Property owners who choose not to participate in the State Program, must hire a private contractor(s) to remove fire debris and clean up their properties. Local debris removal must follow the standards adopted by the County of Ventura, which mirror the state standards being used by the Cal OES and CalRecycle for the State Program. Work must be performed by qualified personnel as set forth in the Local Fire Debris Removal Program Application Packet.

Deadline for submittal of a Local Fire Debris Removal Program Application and Work Plan is February 8, 2018. Submit application and work plan to the City of Ventura Public Works Department at 501 Poli Street, Room 120, Ventura, CA 93001,  email Environmental Services Manager Joe Yahner at jyahner@cityofventura.ca.gov or call (805) 652-4558.

For help with any questions you may have, please visit the Debris Removal Operations Center at 290 Maple Court, Suite 120, Ventura, CA or call 805-765-4259.

A Local Fire Debris Removal Program Application must be submitted and approved by the City of Ventura prior to the commencement of work. Private debris removal is done at the homeowner’s expense and must meet or exceed the standards set by local, state and federal agencies. This includes compliance with all legal requirements for disposal, authorized disposal sites, best management practices for activities on-site, proper transportation and documentation of waste, and erosion control.

After implementation of the approved Work Plan, the owner must submit a certification showing that all work has been completed as specified. Documentation of adequate clean-up and proper disposal will be required. Property owners will not be allowed to build on their property until there is a certification that the property cleanup and removal of all hazardous waste has been completed in accordance with applicable standards.