Cannabis Activities Permitted within the City of Ventura

Status of cannabis activities permitted within the City of Ventura
  • Under Prop. 64 and the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act (MAUCRSA), up to 6 cannabis plants may be grown indoors per residence.
  • On November 20, 2017, City Council passed two ordinances which specify that NO activities for which a State license under State law are required is permitted in the City except for a maximum of 3 delivery services, as authorized by Chapter 6.420 of the city’s municipal code. Those delivery businesses must be located outside the City of Ventura, but within the County of Ventura.
  • These ordinance can be found on the City’s website,
  • These ordinances are in effect as of December 21st; however, before anyone can apply to provide delivery services, the City must first set up the criteria for picking the business(es) that will be allowed to operate within the City, and the standards those businesses must meet.
  • Because the City is in a State of Emergency due to the Thomas Fire, setting the standards and criteria is on hold. Once the State of Emergency is lifted and those standards and criteria are developed, notice will be provided on the City’s Web site and businesses may apply for a permit at that time.
  • It is anticipated that the City will not be in a position to accept applications for at least another 90 days.
  • Point of clarification as to what will or will not be allowed in the City of Ventura:
  • *     Only a maximum of 3 delivery businesses from within the County of Ventura, but outside the City of Ventura, will be allowed to operate in the City, and nothing else.

    *     If a state license is required, the following are not permitted (this list is not comprehensive):

    -      No cultivation (except for the 6 indoor plants allowed by the State)

    -      No store-fronts or retailers

    -      No laboratories

    -      No testing facilities

  • Please monitor the City of Ventura’s website for updates and notices.
To view the document in pdf format, click here Cannabis Fact Sheet