Video Camera Registration

The Ventura Police Department offers video camera registration for residential or business cameras. If you have a private video camera at your residence or place of business register online with the Ventura Police Department and in the event a crime, traffic collision or other law enforcement related event near the area where the registered camera is located, Ventura Police personnel will be able to contact the owner of the camera to request the footage. By being able to quickly locate and view camera footage, the Ventura Police Department will be better able to identify possible suspects and bring them to justice. 

How does it work?

Complete the registration form online and your camera information will be entered into a database that is maintained by the police department. If an incident occurs in your area officers will be able to quickly access the database, identify businesses and residences in the area that have cameras, contact the owners of the camera and request footage which may help identify suspects and assist with the apprehension and prosecution of those involved.

Information provided to the Ventura Police Department regarding camera systems will be for official use only. All personal information will be confidential and not for public dissemination. 

How can I register?

If your residence or business has video cameras you can help the Ventura Police investigate and solve crimes by registering your camera in one of three ways:

1) Register and submit your form online.

2) Complete the form in person at the Ventura Police Department located at 1425 Dowell Drive. Hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The Ventura Police Department recognizes that they cannot prevent or solve crime alone. The police department has had a long standing relationship with the community and the camera registration program is another way for the police and community to work together to help keep Ventura safe.