Investigations Unit

Commander Rick Murray oversees the Investigations Unit. He can be reached at 805-339-4343 or

Crime Analysis The main function of the Department's civilian Crime Analyst is to convert data into useful information and get that information to the people who can best use it. Crime Analysis provides support for a number of department functions, including patrol deployment, special and tactical operations, investigations, crime prevention, and administration. 

Major Crimes The Major Crimes Unit (Detectives) is responsible for investigating major crimes, felonies, and gang crime committed in the City of Ventura. The Unit is divided into three sections - Crimes Against Persons, Family Violence, and Gang Crimes.

Major Crimes Contact: Sergeant Bill Dolan, 805-339-4444 or 

Crimes Against Persons Unit This unit is also known as the Violent Crime Unit. These Detectives are responsible for investigating homicide, robbery, assault, missing persons, and arson.

Family Violence Unit This unit investigates domestic violence, child neglect and abuse, sexual assault, embezzlement, and elder abuse.

Gang Crimes and Investigations Unit This unit is responsible for the suppression of criminal gang activity. These specially trained officers monitor local gangs, investigate gang-related crimes, and address gang issues within the City. 

Crime Scene Investigations CSI is responsible for collecting and analyzing physical evidence found at major crime scenes. The CSI Investigators processes physical evidence such as fingerprints, blood, fibers, and hair.  The team also takes photographs, both still and video, of major crimes and is often called to testify in court regarding evidence.

Investigators review assigned cases for solvability and investigative leads. Leads include statements from victims and witnesses, physical evidence - such as fingerprints or surveillance photos, documents - bank records for example - and biological evidence such as blood and hair. Cases are aggressively investigated using both traditional methods and the latest technology. An investigator suspends a case only if sufficient leads do not exist or cannot be established. A suspended case can be re-opened if new leads are discovered.

Victim Notification Program - Department Homeland Security & U.S. Immigration & Custom Enforcement The program allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. Victims and witnesses need to register with HSI in order to receive notification of a criminal alien's release. The following link is a universal resource locator for the HSI Victim Notification program:

Property Found property will be held for 90 days while an attempt is made to locate the owner.  Property valued at less than $250 may then be released to the finder after he/she signs a Property Release Form. You will need to make an appointment to reclaim your property. Property Room / Property Release is Monday through Wednesday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  You may schedule an appointment by calling 805-339-4490.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU) The Detectives within SCU are assigned to investigate commercial and residential burglary, grand theft, identity theft, and other property-related crimes.  SCU Detectives also investigate narcotic related offenses.

SCU Contact Sergeant Ted Caliento, 805-339-4389