Report Abandoned Vehicles


The City of Ventura has an ordinance 16.210.040C SBCO, against parking a vehicle more than 72 hours on a city street at any given time.

To avoid a possible infraction the vehicle must be driven at least 2/10 of a mile (the odometer must actually show that movement). The 72 hours begins when the Officers marks the tires and leaves a notice on the windshield. The odometer date and time marked will be recorded on their log. At the end of the day, the database will be updated with the marked information. The next day the process will start over again.

The California Vehicle code section that allows Ventura Police to tow for the 72-hour ordinance is 2265(l) CVC. The section for inoperable (missing an engine or other pertinent parts) is 22669 (d).

How to Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline: 805-339-4432. The hotline is an answering machine. The color, make, model, license plate number and address where the vehicle is parked is required in the message.

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