Report Water Waste

Complete the Form, Email Us, or Call Us

You can also report water waste issues via the Report Water Waste Online Form or contact Customer Care at our email or (805) 667-6500 with the address and information about the problem.

Investigation a Priority

Please know that while City staff will investigate all reports and offer assistance in resolving the problem, to protect our customer's privacy, we will not provide feedback to reporters regarding our specific follow-up actions. If you see the water misuse again after 7 days, please submit another online report. Also, we would appreciate your contact information in case there are questions but you may report online anonymously.

Thanks for working together to save our water.

Stop Wasteful Habits

Be Diligent About Tasks

We will need to work together to stop water waste. First, be diligent about watching for and repairing leaks promptly. As an older city, the aging pipes in our homes and businesses are more susceptible to developing leaks.

Review Bills, Call Your Plumber

Carefully review your water bill for unusual water use and learn how to check your meter. You may have a leak that is costing you money and wasting our water. Call your plumber, sooner rather than later, if you suspect a problem.

Talk to Community

Let's help each other stop water waste. If you spot a leak or other water waste activity, talk directly to your neighbor or the business owner. Many times they are not aware of the problem, especially with outdoor irrigation systems, so it's a neighborly action to let them know.

See Ventura Water Waste Prohibited Ordinance Chapter 22.170 (PDF) for additional information.