Capital Improvement Projects

Projects Out To Bid

Construction Phase

Design Phase

Street Resurfacing - Loma Vista Road (Main to Mills)-tWaterline Projects-tWaterline Projects-t

Street Resurfacing - West Main Street (Ventura to Bridge)-t
Community Park Energy Savings-tWastewater Plant - Digester Improvement-t
Street Resurfacing – West Main Street (Ventura to Bridge)
Community Park
Energy Savings
Wastewater Plant
Digester Improvements

Wastewater Lift Station - Northbank Lift Station Upgrades-tSewerline Projects-tSewerline - Seaside Foce Main (Arundell Barranca to Sanjon)-t
Wastewater Lift Station Northbank Lift Station Upgrades
Sewerline Replacement
Main St. and Coronado St.
Sewerline Seaside Force Main(Arundell Barranca to Sanjon)

Well - Mound Well 3-tSewerline Projects-tWastewater Plant - Landscape Improvements-t
Mound Well 3
Sewerline Replacement
Ann Street Area
Wastewater Plant
Landscape Improvements

Wastewater Plant - Maintenance Storage Building-tStreet Resurfacing - North Bank Drive-tPump Station - Seaward Poli Booster Pump Station Upgrade-t
Wastewater PlantMaintenance Storage Building
Street Resurfacing
North Bank Drive
Pump StationSeaward / Poli BoosterPump Station Upgrade

Olivas Park Drive Extension and Levee-tTelegraph Road Widening-tHWY 126 Bike Path - Bennett to Chadwick-t
Olivas Park DriveExtension and Levee
Telegraph Road Widening
Hwy 126 Bike PathBennett to Chadwick