School Resource Officers

Ensuring a safe and secure environment for Ventura's students is one of our top priorities.

In a continuing effort to increase student safety and school security, the Ventura Police Department and the Ventura Unified School District have combined resources to develop an intensive, proactive safety program.

In August of 2008 Ventura Police Officers returned to Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) campuses in their role as SROs. The SRO Program was last active on a full-time basis during the 2004/2005 school year.

The highly successful program was reintroduced through a partnership between the VPD and the VUSD. The officers are assigned full time to Ventura, Buena, Pacific and Foothill High Schools and also work with staff, students, and personnel from the District's middle and elementary schools to address issues and concerns as they may arise.

The SROs perform a myriad of duties including:

Providing campus security - keeping unauthorized adults, students, and intruders off campus and registered students on campus.

Zero Tolerance - enforcing the District's policy on gangs and dangerous weapons on school grounds.

Drug Suppression - actively investigating drug-related activity on or around schools.Education - providing ongoing training to school staff in campus security and drug recognition issues.

Intervention interceding in students' use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs, and referring students to programs such as anger management, family counseling, Police Activities League (PAL) and Program Enrichment for After-school Kids (PEAK) programs, as well as drug and alcohol abuse counseling.

Student Assistance Program - support the VUSD's Student Assistance Program of facilitated group counseling offering students the opportunity for growth while also providing the skills to cope with certain types of dysfunction.

Serve as mentors, role models, and counselors for students, and as an additional resource to teachers and staff.

Classroom Instruction - teach classes on drug resistance, gang resistance, and violence prevention.Serve as a liaison between students, schools, and social service agencies that provide needed services.

Having SROs on campus is instrumental in helping to keep our schools safe. They play an immense role in mentoring and guiding the youth of our city. When our officers interact with students in a positive manner, trusting relationships and bonds can form which are critical to building relationships between our Department and the community.