Water Sources

  1. Overview
  2. Lake Casitas
  3. Ventura River
  4. Groundwater Basins
  5. Recycled Water

The City of Ventura currently relies on 100% local water sources including surface and groundwater from Lake Casitas, Ventura River, three groundwater basins, and recycled water.

For an annual look at Ventura’s water supply and demand status, see the Comprehensive Water Resources Reports (CWRRs).  Council approved the first CWRR in June 2013, which was prepared to provide a short-term balance of water supply and demand, a predictable use of data to serve pending and projected development projects, and to provide recommendations for long term water supply and demand policy.

For long-term resource planning, see the Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs). The UWMP addresses historic, current, and projected water demands, supplies and conservation programs.  The UWMP is published every five years and is consistent with the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (Water Code sections 10608.12 to 10608.64) and the Urban Water Management Planning Act (Water Code sections 10610 to 10656).