Alarm Program

General Alarm Information

The vast majority (95%) of alarm calls are false alarms. More than 60% are caused by user error.

We send two or more officers to each alarm call, depending on the circumstances. Each response to a false alarm takes time and resources away from calls where police services are actually needed.

Top Ten Causes of False Alarms

  • Failure to train other authorized users.
  • Use of incorrect keypad codes.
  • Failure to secure doors and windows before turning the alarm system on.
  • Failure to notify monitoring facility of unscheduled openings or closings.
  • Failure to update authorized personnel list or responsible parties with the monitoring company.
  • Improper application or installation of interior motion detectors.
  • Improper application or installation of outdoor beams.
  • Improper charging or maintenance of batteries.
  • Changes in the environment (i.e. new animals, design changes, seasonal decorations, and plants).
  • Faulty equipment (i.e. panels detectors, keypads).

Verified Alarm Response Policy

Presently, over 95% of alarms handled by our Department are false.  The time spent responding and investigating false alarms significantly detracts from our efforts to reduce crime and respond to priority calls for service.  As a result, our procedure is as follows:

  • Between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM the Ventura Police Department will only respond to burglary alarms that have been verified.  A verified alarm is one whereby the alarm company has confirmed the legitimacy of criminal activity.  This includes verification through the use of video surveillance, electronic listening device(s), or other visual verification by persons either on or near the alarm location.
  • Exclusions to the verified response include, robbery, panic and intrusion alarms. Our Department will continue to respond in its customary manner to these types of alarms calls. 
  • We will respond to all alarms between the hours of 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Alarm Permits Application & Fees

The City of San Buenaventura Ordinance Code Chapter 6.350 requires an Alarm System Permit to be on file with the Ventura Police Department in order to operate a burglary alarm system within the City.  

All alarm owners in the City must apply for an Alarm Permit Application (found at the link below) that is issued by the Police Department. The current cost is a one-time fee of $50 payable to the Ventura Police Department. 

If you have a question about the False Alarm Reduction Program, or want information on how you can cut your false alarms, please contact the Ventura Police Department at 805-339-4459. 

False Alarm Prevention Program FAQs

Who Needs an Alarm Permit? Every alarm system, either burglar or holdup, in the City of Ventura requires a city permit, even if an alarm company does not monitor the system. Car alarms do not require permits.

How Do I Apply for a Permit? Alarm permit applications are available by calling 805-339-4459. A permit application will be mailed to you. Your alarm company may also be able to provide you with an alarm permit application. Additionally, you can click on the link below, print the form, fill it out, and return with applicable payment to:

ATTN: Alarm Coordinator
Ventura Police Department
1425 Dowell Drive
Ventura, CA 93003.

*Alarm Permit Application

What If I Move? You, as the permit holder, remain responsible for alarm calls to the address listed on the permit until you notify the Police Department of your change of address.

What About Permit Numbers? Once you have applied for a permit your permit will be kept on file at the police department.

Are There False Alarm Charges? Over 60% of all false alarms are caused by customer error. User education is the best defense against false alarms. Currently, the Alarm Ordinance requires that alarm owners be billed $180 beginning with the fourth false alarm within a one-year period. The cost for subsequent violations is $180 with each occurrence after the fourth within a twelve month period.

Is There a Fee for the Permit? Currently a one-time fee of $50 is required when the permit application is submitted. Checks should be made payable to the Ventura Police Department.

Agreement with Alarm Company: Your alarm service agreement is a contract between you and your alarm company. Currently, the Ventura Police Department will respond to an alarm call when requested, but cannot mediate any disputes as to the responsibility for the payment of excessive false alarm fees, the condition and proper functioning of alarm equipment, etc. All alarms installed within the City of Ventura must comply with City Municipal Code Sec. 6.350.

Contact Information

Ventura Police Alarm Coordinator
Phone (805) 339-4459
Fax (805) 477-3742
(for emergency, call 9-1-1)

For more information on alarm systems, approved alarm installers, and false alarm prevention, contact:
Southern California Security Association, Inc.
6727 Odessa Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Alarm Use Permit Application