Alarm Program

Alarm Use Permits

The City of Ventura requires an Alarm Use Permit to be on file with the Ventura Police Department in order to operate a burglary alarm system within city limits. All alarm owners in the City of Ventura must apply for an Alarm Use Permit.

The Ventura Police Department is currently contracted with PMAM Corporation to handle all Alarm program applications, cancellations, payments, and customer support. If you need additional support processing your request, please email PMAM Customer Support, or call 1-855-875-1581.

Verified Alarm Response Policy

Between 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m., the Ventura Police Department will only respond to burglary alarms that have been verified. A verified alarm is one whereby the alarm company has confirmed the legitimacy of criminal activity. This includes verification through the use of video surveillance, electronic listening devices or other visual verification by persons either on or near the alarm location. Exclusions to the verified response include, robbery, panic and intrusion alarms.

Top ten causes of false alarms

About 95% of alarm calls are false alarms. More than 60% are caused by user error. Each response to a false alarm takes time and resources away from calls where police services are actually needed.

  1. Failure to train other authorized users
  2. Use of incorrect keypad codes
  3. Failure to secure doors and windows before turning the alarm system on
  4. Failure to notify monitoring facility of unscheduled openings or closings
  5. Failure to update authorizes personnel list of responsible parties with the monitoring company
  6. Improper application of installation of interior motion detectors
  7. Improper application or installation of outdoor beams
  8. Improper charging or maintenance of batteries
  9. Changes in the environment (new animals, design changes, season decorations, plants)
  10. Faulty equipment