Stormwater Quality Program

About the Program

Federal and State agencies require Ventura to implement a comprehensive program to keep our surface waters clean and beaches safe.  Industrial and commercial facilities are required to implement pollutant reduction and control measures in an effort to reduce pollutants in stormwater.  Automotive service facilities, gas stations, auto dealers, food service, nurseries, landfills, industrial facilities, and more are required to be inspected/monitored for their potential to contribute pollutants to the storm drain system.

For more information about the program, contact Environmental Sustainability at (805) 652-4525.

Annual Billing Information

As of 2019, the stormwater fee will be billed on a fiscal year cycle and included on your annual business license renewal form, due July 1, 2019. The fee for 2019 covers the fiscal period from July 2019-June 2020.

Exemption Request

If you would like to request an exemption from the Stormwater Quality Program, please complete the Request for Exemption form, sign, and submit to Environmental Sustainability:

                City of Ventura
                Attn: Peter Shellenbarger
                336 Sanjon Road
                Ventura CA 93001